Dear customers! You are requested to go through the points of disclaimer so that you should know about our company in detail. You are deemed to accept all these conditions when you are involved in dealing with our company.

  • Our company is not at all similar to cheating it is so because; you keep in touch with the writer throughout your assignment. Our writers just follow your instructions and don’t include anything from their own.
  • We don’t allow our customers to publish our content in any paper or magazine. It is wholly solely written with an aim to help student and anyone find guilty of publishing the content would be dealt accordingly.
  • Our work is proofread and checked thoroughly before it is delivered to you but it doesn’t mean that we are responsible for your grades. Each professor has his/her own mindset and they mark the assignment as per their criterion.
  • A full refund means 90 % of the total amount would be reimbursed from the total which was paid when the order was placed at us.